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Steiner, Ltd.

The Steiner company was established in Prague in 1991 and is specialized in medical software development. We are developing, maintaining, outsourcing and selling only medical software. The company staff consists of specialists, who have experience in mathematics, information technology and healthcare.


ISO 9001 ISO 27001
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Czech Republic

Nowadays our company provides IT solution to more then 50 institutions in the Czech Republic - from big university hospitals (more than 2000 beds) and district hospitals to private laboratories and private physicians. Most of our clients are major medical institutions in the Czech Republic.

The software is covering wide range of medical activities - laboratory information systems (biochemistry, microbiology, pathology, etc.), blood transfusion management system, radiology system, software for hospitals and general practitioners, software for tissue banks, etc.

International Projects

On international level Steiner Ltd. closely cooperates with Zentrales Knochenmarkspender-Register Deutschland and several other institutions connected via the European Marrow Donor Information System. Our software is used in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Israel, South Africa, Argentina, Taiwan and United States.

In years 1995 and 1996 the company participated in EU PHARE projects – collection and evaluation of demographic data in health care. From 1998 to 2000 the company participated in the EU Retransplant project - Recipient donor selection, Regional transplant Networking, International transplant Networking. From 2001 we have participated in EU Stemnet project – bone marrow transplantation, stem cell registries, transplant Network, data security, confidence and anonymity, cord blood bank.