Radiological information system

Radius is a radiological information system for complex management of imaging methods. It allows working with text and image information.

Brief overview of functions

  • Entrance and correcting the request of the patient with the patient's link to the central registry and reception office

  • Input and correction of performed patient examinations with automatic generating of performances and material for the given examination with the possibility of intervention of the laborer in the list of account items Automated account generation for insurers from the request data to the central reception office with connection to the central performance account

  • Input the medical description

  • Monitoring of operational statuses and patients request (completed, completed images)

  • Differentiated user access to examination (physician, technician, etc.)

  • Historic archive of image descriptions, respecting large ranges of data (structured archive)

  • Prints and impressions of exam results, work papers, prints of statistics

  • Basic statistics, loading of examination rooms

  • Assign medical material consumed for examination according to the request, coordination with stock SZM

  • The ability to enter so-called keyframes, i.e. categorizing images into statistical classes

  • Evidence of borrowing of processed pictures

  • Evidence of borrowing images from the archive
  • Service statistics, performance, examinations
  • Capability to evaluate keyframes

  • Monitoring of sensitive information (image viewing, prints, billing)

  • The ability to view hospital examination descriptions, security access to images through the access rights system

  • Inputs of requests via the hospital network

  • Connection to the central historical DB, reception office

  • Connection to the central dial of the hospital system