System for controlling the operation of transfusion departments

System for controlling the operation of transfusion departments

Amadeus is a system for managing the operation of the transfusion department, solves: donor's records, their donations, inviting the donors, laboratories, production and storage of blood and blood derivatives, blood crossing, an output for ZP, billing. It is built up from individual modules, so it can be used from large TO through Collection points to Blood banks.


The program has been developing since 1994 in cooperation with the transfusion department of the Faculty hospital Královské Vinohrady in Prague. The operation took place in January 1996, and the product has been commercially offered for the first time at the end of 1996. The development team has 10 employees who follow current standards and decrees of the MZ ČR (Ministry of Health), SÚKL (State Institute for Drug Control) and data standards.


  • Amadeus system can run on OS MS Windows Server or on OS Linux

  • Amadeus system provides a unified SW environment for all user departments of the transfusion unit and any external workplace using the system. User application control is unified in terms of graphical user interface.

  • Amadeus system offers a modern graphical user interface.

  • All parts of Amadeus system are integrated and modularly designed

  • All parts of the Amadeus system communicate in the Czech language, including features reserved for administrators and system administrators.

  • The functionality and control of all parts of Amadeus are documented in the form of a user manual, the help button on the system contains detailed user documentation – including a detailed description of the data structure and description of the individual system commands.

  • For all input data, where it is possible from the logic of the matter, Amadeus system checks the accuracy of their listing.

  • Amadeus system provides contextual help for operating functions and entering input data.

  • In Amadeus system, users are assigned roles according to their areas of activity

  • The system works with barcodes

  • It is possible to use predefined templates of frequently used texts

  • All data of donors, including data from all past visits, can be seen in the Amadeus system

  • It is possible to connect Zebra barcode printers

  • All analyzers and devices that are used in hospital transfusion departments can be connected

  • Amadeus system performs maintenance work (data archiving, management of dial lists, etc.) for continuous operation.

  • The system provides access to all data throughout the system's operation.

  • In the system, statistics can be compiled according to selected criteria (e.g. expedition overview of the warehouse according to antigens, donor response, etc.)