Information system for the management of the operation of the blood department

An information system that comprehensively covers all activities of the transfusion department.

A powerful information system that comprehensively covers all activities of the transfusion department:

  • Donor records
  • records of their subscriptions
  • inviting donors
  • laboratories
  • production and storage of blood and blood derivatives
  • blood crossing
  • output for ZP and invoicing.

It is composed of individual modules, so it can be used from large TO through Sampling Points to Blood Banks.


  • Blood donor
  • Module Production plant
  • Warehouse module

 Blood Donor Module

This module is used to record the donor, record the donation from the arrival of the donor at the collection point to laboratory tests associated with the collection.

Donor arrival - the system will offer data from the registration card or the establishment of a new card. Printing of the so-called grommet with barcodes (RČ and arrival number) and various documents, printing of the donor's card, donor card, or overview of donations. It is also possible to save a photograph of the donor in the register.

Laboratory of Hematology – KO + DIFF results, reading automatically from the analyzer, or only urine tests and orientation KS are added. The results are evaluated immediately. Printing of laboratory book.

Examination room of the doctor - overview of all past donations, indication of pathological values of laboratory results of all donations, anamnesis, the possibility of discarding the donor, changes in blocks, control examination.  Notification of donor block or removal from the National Register.

Registration – this workplace is not mandatory – it is used if the subscription numbers are assigned before the collection and not directly in the collection room.

Subscription – entering the subscription (odb. weight – can be transferred automatically, the quantity taken, the time, who removed, the collection number, batches are loaded automatically from the batch table with the possibility of change).

Cash register – not mandatory, can be filled in only if the withdrawal is completed. Print – daily statement and summary reports.

Laboratory of blood groups – the results can be read from the analyzer automatically, the system checks whether there is the same KS in the collection table and in the donor's registration card and whether the repeated Kell and genotype do not differ from the original. Printing of laboratory book.

Laboratory of Biochemistry and Serology – the results can be read from the analyzer automatically. Printing of laboratory books, listing of pathological results.

Immunohematology laboratory – typing of donors.

Invitations of donors and printing of invitations – invitations according to various criteria, most often according to KS, Kell, phenotype.

The donor can choose the way he wants to be invited (email, sms, phone).

Reports and statistics, configuration – forms and print reports in the Amadeus system can be configured and adapted to the needs of the TO.

Module Production plant

This module is used to process subscriptions.

Recording of a physically produced product in the Maker. The products are not released for shipping, they do not have a final label.


  • Product registration
  • Correct product data
  • Deletion of incorrectly entered products
  • Liquidation with printing of liquidation protocols.


Warehouse module

The warehouse module is used to work with final products. The module includes a laboratory of compatibility tests.

Buying and selling the product.

Special sale of the product for further processing – fa Baxter, fa Grifols, fa SevaPharma etc.

Work with delivery notes.

Product returns – creation and post-treatment

Compatibility Test Laboratory

Reports – Are created for each warehouse section. They contain the data needed to run the department.

Amadeus is composed of individual modules, so it can be used from large transfusion departments through collection points to blood banks.

  • The program has been developed since 1994 in cooperation with the transfusion department of the Royal Vinohrady University Hospital in Prague.
  • Full operation occurred in January 1996
  • All parts of the Amadeus system communicate in Czech/English, including functions reserved for administrators and system administrators. We have international partners in Austria, Hungary and the USA.
  • IS Amadeus the best solution for plasmapheresis centers. Our partner is Sanaplasma, Amber Plasma, MAPO Plasma.
  • Amadeus can run on MS Windows Server or Linux OS
    The Amadeus system provides a unified SW environment for all user workplaces of the transfusion department. For example (Motol University Hospital, FN KV, FN HK).

The control of user applications is uniform in terms of graphical user interface.
The functionality and control of all parts of the Amadeus system is documented in the form of a user manual.
In the Amadeus system, users are assigned roles according to their areas of competence.
Templates for frequently used texts can be predefined.
Zebra barcode printers can be connected.
Statistics can be created in the system according to selected criteria (e.g. dispatches, stock overview by antigen, donor response to donation, etc.).

  • 24/7 service support
  • Long-term history and experience on the market
  • Systems work on both MSSQL and Firebird databases
  • Possibility of communication with NIS/KIS of most suppliers on the market
  • Fully modulable system
  • The system works with barcodes
  • For all input data, where it is possible from the logic of the matter, the Amadeus system checks the correctness of their entry
  • In the Amadeus system, it is possible to see all donor data, including data from all past visits
  • All analyzers and instruments used in hospital transfusion departments can be connected
  • The Amadeus system performs maintenance tasks (data archiving, code list management, etc.) during continuous operation and at the time of day chosen by the client
  • The system allows access to all data throughout the system operation
  • Affordable price
  • User-friendly environment
  • All data in one system, database backups
  • Validation process of every released version
  • Certification of the company ISO 9001:2015
  • Certification iso 27001:2013
  • ISBT 128 Certification
  • Professional user support
  • Development of customer specified new features on demand
  • 30 years of experience in medical software development
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