Specialized modules

Specially designed modules.


Adverse events

The module is designed to record an event or circumstance that could have resulted in or resulted in physical harm to the patient that could have been avoided.

The list of possible types of events is given in the taxonomy code list, which is based on the currently valid methodological material of the Adverse Event Reporting System (SHNU)

The module is able to provide records and processing procedures according to a user-defined sequence of activities.

Clinical studies

For healthcare facilities participating in clinical trials (commercial/academic) we offer a Module supporting the management of its own clinical trial agenda and to record its documentation and evaluation of the treatment of patients enrolled in one of the clinical trials according to the assignment of external entities in all their phases

  • patient recruitment
  • completed recruitment, continued treatment and monitoring of patients
  • termination, archiving of KS (terminated KS)

On the basis of regulations (within the CP, activities are regulated and regulated in particular by the Act on Pharmaceuticals 378/2007 Coll., Decree on Good Clinical Practice No. 226/2008 Coll., as well as Good Clinical Practice (GCP), contracts with sponsors and continuously monitored by external monitors (Clinical Research Associate), the clinical trial module provides support for the following key activities:

  • selection
  • Preparation
  • Implementation
  • Coordination
  • data collection and entry
  • monitoring
  • Audits
  • archiving of clinical studies

For example, reliable identification of cancer is of particular importance not only from the point of view of society as a whole, but also from the medical and scientific point of view. It offers exact epidemiological data that can underpin effective preventive measures. "From the professional point of view, it brings the possibility to record in a concise form an accurate description of the extent of the tumor, the classification of its characteristic features, i.e. the information necessary for the selection of the optimal treatment and for the comparison of therapeutic results from different workplaces." ("International Classification of Diseases for Oncology")

Oncology department.

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