Orpheus HLA

Information system for immunogenetic laboratories

Information system, specialized for immunogenetic laboratories and the Department of Tissue Immunogenetics.

Orpheus HLA is an information management software specialized in immunogenetic laboratories and tissue immunogenetics departments that meets EFI/ASHI requirements. The system covers a wide range of HLA laboratory activities, including a complete laboratory workflow from receipt or creation of requisitions, through sampling, import of typing results, comparison of donor typing, to reporting results, accounting and statistics. Orpheus can also be connected to external systems and devices, whether for data import or export of results.

Immunogenetic laboratories and department of tissue immunogenetics.

Easy-to-use solution for immunogenetic and immunohematology laboratories and transplant centers. It supports activities from receipt of request forms, automated acceptance of samples and multiple assignment of tests, registration of samples, their subsequent processing, monitoring of informed consent, through import of serological and genotyping results from specific devices, final typing of HLA and haplotypes, as well as summary result and comparison reports. In the program environment, it is possible to plan worksheets for serological and DNA examinations, use predefined worksheet templates, print worksheets, and last but not least, monitor and perform individual laboratory tests (for example, in the steps of DNA examination – amplification, hybridization and sequencing and analysis), including multi-level approval of results.

An important part of the application is the connection to the HLA Core system, which allows to translate NMDP codes and serological equivalents into adequate notations of DNA information, about the allele values at the given loci so that it complies with the standards of the World Marrow Donor Association.

The application also allows the user to work with waiting lists and monitor the patient after transplantation or transfusion, contains tools for selecting the most suitable donor for the recipient of the organ or blood materials, or also tools for finding the most suitable donor of platelets. Also included in the application is a tool for donor panels and quarterly antibody assemblies.

Comprehensive software functionality that covers all aspects of transplant immunology in solid organ transplantation, stem cell transplantation and platelet transfusion. Such a complex solution is unique worldwide.

Innovative decision support functions, based on bioinformatics research, providing guidance for critical transplant or transfusion-related decisions that affect the likelihood of patient survival or acceptance of donor organs or blood materials.

Automation of processes, cooperation with online updated nomenclatures of alleles and loci, the ability to clearly compare typing multiple donors in one place.

  • User-friendly environment
  • All data in one system, database backups
  • Validation process of every released version
  • Certification of the company ISO 9001:2015
  • Certification iso 27001:2013
  • ISBT 128 Certification
  • Professional user support
  • Development of customer specified new features on demand
  • 30 years of experience in medical software development
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