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Our advanced information systems help healthcare professionals around the world.

Market for transfusion products

System for sharing information on free transfusion products

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Digital process support in the pathology laboratory

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About us

Steiner is an international software company that was established in 1991 and is engaged exclusively in the creation of medical software, both for hospital medical facilities and for outpatient operations. Steiner software is used in more than forty countries around the world.  

The development is based on many years of experience from practice in this field. We use the knowledge of our employees, as well as externally cooperating experts. 

The complex of our programs consists of separate modules that can be put into operation according to the specific needs and capabilities of the medical facility. 

Deliveries of software are solved comprehensively, with a guarantee of updating with new versions according to the VZP and IHIS methodology. 


If necessary, we are able to provide suitable computer technology. 

System for managing the operation of the blood department

Hospital Information System

Hospital Information System

Laboratory information system

Information system for immunogenetic laboratories

Radiological Information System

Information system for complex data management of registry of haematopoietic cell donors

Information system for registration of donors and recipients of hematopoietic cells and tissues

Module of working processes for pathology

Software solution covering all phases of medication for oncology departments

Specially designed modules for oncology

Systém podpory rozhodování o transplantační imunologii

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