Information system for the management of the operation of medical facilities

Universal Hospital Information System UNIS is a comprehensive integrated set of modules that covers the issue of managing the operation of medical facilities.

Universal Hospital Information System UNIS is a comprehensive integrated set of modules that covers the issue of managing the operation of medical facilities. The UNIS system is suitable for large hospital environments, as well as for smaller hospital units or for outpatient medical facilities. The UNIS system is designed for continuous hospital operations. The architecture of the UNIS application environment is composed of separate functional modules that can be assembled and put into operation according to the specific needs and requirements of each customer.

Medical facilities, university hospitals.

Overview of UNIS modules

  • The core of the UNIS system covers the issues of the patient registry, the hospital admissions office, including the NZIS reports, the insurance company and the DRG system.
  • The patient's medical record covers the processes of the doctor's work on the outpatient and inpatient parts of the hospital.
  • In addition to the medical record, special UNIS modules allow to solve the problems of planning and ordering patients for hospitalization, viewing the results from the complement, connecting the system to the data interface of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.
  • The operating room module allows you to keep operating documentation and enter the consumption of materials for individual operations.
  • The module of accounting for foreigners is a special UNIS module covering the registration of payments and connection to the accounting SW.
  • The radiodiagnostic module covers the issue of processes of operation of display workplaces.
  • The Amadeus Transfusion Department Operations Management System is a comprehensive program for the TO department.
  • The warehouse management module records the storage of material in departments.
  • The module for ordering services and materials solves orders for these commodities at the level of the department and monitors their possible order outside the ZZ and their delivery to the ordering party.
  • The prosthetics module is used to control the production of prosthetic aids.
  • The module for ordering food solves the order of food of patients.
  • The Manager module allows an economic view of the operation of ZZ, compares income and expenses.
  • The laboratory information system covers the operation of the laboratory.
  • The module of the Laboratory of Microbiology solves the operation of the microbiology laboratory.
  • The pathology module solves the operation of pathology.
  • The Eye module allows you to keep surgical documentation at Eye Clinics.

Individual modules can be installed according to the customer's needs due to their modularity. All modules described above are developed and installed exclusively by our company.

  • UNIS is conceived as an open system that can be connected via UNIS integration interfaces to other internal and external systems for sharing health records and information (IHIS, SÚKL, ČSSZ, MZ, etc.), including connection to modern integration buses (ESB).


    • Extensive experience in the operation of large teaching hospitals
    • The widest coverage of all types of laboratories on the Czech market
    • Experience with the installation of own laboratory systems around the world
    • On-line connection of instruments and analyzers
    • Automation of medical processes
    • Maximum use of barcode and QR code technology
    • Compliance with Czech and international standards
    • User-friendly environment
    • Cheaper solutions than competing companies
    • Configuration according to the customer's real needs
    • User-friendly environment
    • All data in one system, database backups
    • Validation process of every released version
    • Certification of the company ISO 9001:2015
    • Certification iso 27001:2013
    • ISBT 128 Certification
    • Professional user support
    • Development of customer specified new features on demand
    • 30 years of experience in medical software development
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